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ODM & OEM Luxury Watches

Choose from our catalog of watches to customize,
or have our team custom design and manufacturer your watch from start to finish.


Dawn Time has over 15 years of industry experience, a state-of-the-art watch manufacturing facility, and the ability to deliver quality OEM watches and commercial volumes. We are able to produce unique designs quickly as a result of our flexible design process and broad manufacturing capabilities. With Dawn Time, you can get access to customized watches engineered to your specifications (OEM) or predesigned products in stock (ODM). In order to meet your OEM & ODM needs effectively, we follow an elaborate process.


1. Delivering High-Quality Customized Timepieces

Partner with VDEAR to get access to customized watches engineered to our clients design specifications (OEM) or in stock pre designed products (ODM). We go through an elaborate process to ensure that your OEM & ODM needs are met effectively.

2. Watch Design

A great design is the key to great product. After the creation of the idea, our team of experts will use computer-aided software to come up with 2D and 3D images of your watch design, so that you are able to view the final product from all angles. You can customize dial, hands, crown, caseback, buckle & watch band.

3. Packaging

Packaging plays a big part in any product. Our team of experts are available to discuss packaging options depending on your brand identity, watch style and target market. They will assist you in selection of the proper package design and will customize it to align with your needs.

OEM & ODM Your LOGO and Design

OEM & ODM Your LOGO and Design

Customized Your Watch Case

Customized Your Watch Case

Choose Your Watch Strap

Choose Your Watch Strap

Rigorous Watch Inspection and Testing

Our factory carefully tests all incoming materials and components. We ensure all OEM watches, including OEM women’s watches and OEM men’s watches, comply with our standards before delivery through a strict total quality management system and a full set of testing machines. According to strict company guidelines, OEM watches are checked for accuracy, reliability, and water resistance before dispatch. The quality control department will inspect all parts, half-finished watches, and completed watches for appearance. We will test each batch of your custom brand watches for function quality tests such as UV/bending force/abrasion/push button/swing/burn tests. Get high-quality standards when you partner with Dawn Time.

Dawn Time prides itself on sourcing only the best materials, sourcing quartz and mechanical mechanisms, and providing exceptional performance and reliability to every client. For watch OEMs of all sizes, we offer a complete, end-to-end watch manufacturing solution with a 100,000-grade dust-free assembly workshop and on-site fabrication facilities.

In order to meet consumer safety standards and protect our clients’ brands, all watches delivered to Europe are RoHS & REACH compliant.

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