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Lady Watches

Your Swiss Lady’s Watch Style Needs an Upgrade

With our intricately designed Lady’s watches, quality time becomes a whole new experience. Our gorgeous watches for girls come in leather straps, stainless steel, and rose gold.

With vintage inspiration, our glamorous wrist essentials are timeless pieces that you’ll love wearing day after day with your favorite looks. With our women’s watches, you’ll be able to express every side of your unique style and get the versatility you crave.

Whether it’s dazzling crystal accents and savvy stainless steel or classic gold and can’t-go-wrong leather, our detailed watches for women will match any mood. You’ll look fabulous no matter how you wear them. We aim to design ladies watches that complement your life and give you confidence.

Swiss Watches worn by women

A sleek watch that only gets better over time is a must-have for every woman. Choose a minimalist profile that fits seamlessly with your bracelet stack for everyday styling. Make a statement with a contemporary design that will get people talking. Make a statement with a diamond-set watch that combines fine jewelry details with precise engineering. You can elevate your look with our expertly crafted women’s watches.

From classic to modern, ladies watches cover all the bases

We create looks you’ll love that will enhance your lifestyle, from traditional watches to smartwatches. Wear a watch that matches your mood and keeps up with all that you have going on.

One day you might feel like wearing one of our innovative smartwatches to stay connected to everything and everyone important to you, and the next day you may feel like unplugging with one of our timeless leather strap watches for girls. Regardless of your mood – or your outfit – our ladies watches support your style.

With our watches for women, you can be as detailed or as minimalistic as you like. Each of our watches reflects a unique aspect of your style and helps you express yourself. It doesn’t matter what your dream combination is – sleek and simple, bold and colorful, detailed and delicate – we’ve got it.

For timeless style, choose a stainless steel boyfriend watch, a leather strap watch for understated boldness, or a smartwatch that you can customize and personalize to your exact liking to take advantage of our latest innovation. Because your style is dynamic, you need a watch – or watches – that can keep up and not slow you down.

It doesn’t matter which style you choose, our Swiss watches are easy to wear from day to night, casual to sophisticated, and work to play. One of our favorite watches for women is just a matter of time before you fall in love with it.

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