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15+ Years of Watch Manufacturing

Swiss Watches OEM / ODM Services

To supply high quality cooperation with one-stop service
from design, development, produce and shipment.

Your Reliable Watch Manufacturer in China

China Dawn Time Watch Factory,
With 15 Years Of Experience In Swiss Watch Manufacturing,
Provides Turnkey Services To Your Brand

Custom LOGO Swiss Watches

Our existing watches can be customized with your company’s logo, insignia, or coat of arms

OEM Swiss Watches

The designs in our catalog are ready to be used. Rights that can be transferred partially or exclusively

ODM Swiss Watches

Choosing the best components for your budget and coordinating production is what we do

Swiss Watch Manufacturing

We provide professional & high-quality custom watches at cheap prices in China.

Swiss Watch Design

Create your own watches with our in-house team of designers and engineers.

Swiss Watch Assembling

Providing expert watchmaking and branding solutions at China local prices to our customers.

Watchmaking Experts

or over 15+ years, we have been manufacturing high-quality custom Swiss watches in China. We design and manufacture over 1000 watch styles in our independent watch factory.

Our company believes that every aspect of the Swiss watch design and production process is nuclear. Our team pays special attention to past failures and continually strives to improve. And make sure there are no more mistakes in the future.

The first thing we do is to ensure quality.

On-time, on-budget delivery is the key to our success. We will let you know when production begins and how they are progressing.

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Automatic watches

A mechanical movement that is automatic, or self-winding, can be described as a mechanical movement. As long as you wear it on your wrist, it automatically winds itself, so you don’t have to wind it yourself every day. Our automatic movements include Japanese, Swiss, and Chinese movements.

Quartz watches

With the exception of replacing the battery, quartz movements require minimal maintenance. It is cost-effective, battery-powered, and has few moving parts. Quartz movements are available in Japanese, Chinese, and Swiss versions.

Mechanical watches

Manual winding drives a mechanical watch. Rather than quartz movements, mechanical movements are often used in luxury watches due to their high quality and craftsmanship.

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